Zack Flyer


How's it going?


I'm Zack Flyer

I'm a second year graphic design student at Northeastern University in Boston, among other things. I spend a lot of time rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors around Boston, and I am slightly obsessed with movies. I've probably seen more than any one person ever should. I also read a lot of Murakami books, collect patterned socks and find a special joy in making my friends hate me with groan-worthy jokes and puns.

My biggest passion, however, is design. I've always enjoyed art, but I struggled with the idea creating art for the sake of art, I felt that it should do more than sit there and look pretty. This eventually lead me to take up an interest in design. The idea that design could combine aesthetics with function was unbelievably exciting to me. I immediately started taking whatever design-related courses I could at my high school, applying for internships and looking at universities that could offer me design programs. Since attending Northeastern I have learned an incredible amount about creating and analyzing good design and I hope to continue to gain knowledge, skills and passion in the field.




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